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Duration: 1 Day

Target Group: Anyone willing to learn Design & focus on their Clients’ needs

Discover the Practicability of Human-centered Design through the design thinking approach.

You learn to drive by getting into the car and drive so it Design Thinking. In this one Day practical fun Course you will gain insights on;

  • How to focus on the end user with empathy.
  • How to leverage collective expertise of the Team.
  • How create value while solving problems.
  • How to shit-proof your ideas.

Duration: 5 Days   

Target Group: Product Development Teams.

Imagine going from zero to prototype in just five days and figuring out if your idea is worth creating faster than ever. A design sprint is a framework for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with users.

It goes through the following 5 stages.

By the end of the 5 Days you should have;

  • Prototypes of a product or service you want to launch.
  • Clarity on who you are serving.
  • A deeper understanding of linking your strategy to your offers.
  • Plan on how to generate revenue from your product or service 9.5 times more than you are currently earning.

Duration: 1 Day     

Target Group: Leaders, Client Experience, Marketing & Sales.

Storytelling for Impact will help you create positive change inside your organization. Whether you need someone to back your organization, invest in your idea, or get excited about following your lead, storytelling course can position you to succeed.

Course Focus:

  • Develop your blueprint: Identify your key stakeholders, their needs, and your big idea.
  • Build storytelling prototypes: Explore different mediums for telling your story and how to create lots of versions in order to engage others in the process.
  • Design for impact: Dig into tone and style to ensure your presentation resonates with your audience.

Duration: 1/2/3 Day(s)    

Target Group: Teams focused on Leading, Innovating and Succeeding.

“If you are looking for something out of the normal Team Buildings, this is definitely something for you.”


Innovation Cultural Transformation.

Duration: 6 months- 1 Year.      

Target Group: Organizations looking to have Innovation as a sustainable Competitive advantage.

Developing a culture of innovation in your organization takes intention and planning. This process allows you to;

  • Create a Strategy to follow.
  • Discover marching behaviors to get you to your desired goal.
  • Measure and reward innovation.


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