You’re a Designer, You Just Don’t Know It
Sibo & Rachael are attorneys who have incorporated design thinking in their work and lives.

You’re a Designer, You Just Don’t Know It

You are a Designer. Right? I bet you said “NO” I don’t blame you, for long Design has been associated with graphics people and architects mostly. But everyone is a designer.

In 2018 when we hosted the first edition of VelocityXperience (Annual Design Thinking Workshop), people from all walks of life attended; students, Doctors, Entrepreneurs and Company Executives. What united them all? “design”

“So, what is design and how am I a designer”, you may ask.

Simple! Whenever you make a Facebook post, you are putting together standard words to achieve the expression or communication of what you want to communicate.

When you get dressed in the morning you are putting together available clothes to serve the purpose; comfort, fashion, keeping warm, etc.

When you cook a meal, you are designing a meal, unless you are following a routine which determines what you have every day.

Design is anything that is not routine.

So if design sounds that obvious why do people have to learn it? Most lives are compromised by ever-increasing routine; go to work, church, party and do it all over again just the next week. Learning to consciously break routine, gives you new insights that you miss because of routine, births new ideas and contributes to your overall happiness.

I invite you to design more!

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  1. I believe design is entirely influenced by cognitive ability ;This backbone to productivity is held together by genetic composition and environment ,So many times we are eagles among ducks. We only experience a paradigm shift to attain ultimate design (creativity) by conscious choice or cultivated willpower as to break routines as you state.

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