Why Your Brilliant Idea Needs Matching Great Communication Skills.

Why Your Brilliant Idea Needs Matching Great Communication Skills.

Do you want to give your business a competitive edge? Do you want to pursue your life’s mission? What is stopping you?

In 2012(a year after founding Sudesh Int’l Consult) I felt emotionally drained; the weight of building a business almost chocked the very ambition in my heart. I remember on some days questioning myself, “Why did I start this business?” I can almost feel the despair I felt back then as I type this.

It was at my lowest point that Joel (my friend) introduced me to Coach Phil of Intelligent Performance. Over the years he has mentored and Coached me most especially on Communication. I attended his World Class Speaker Training in 2013 and it has tremendously helped me. As I write this, my business is thriving, I have a constant flow of clients and selling has never been this easy.

Former Ford Motor Company CEO “Lee” Iacocca once said “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere” Your dream; career or business needs matching mastery in communication. Businesses end and careers bleed largely because of ignorance in the art of mastery in communication.

This May 30th -June 1st the World Class Speakers Training– the very course that has made me enjoy a great life will be taking place at Silver Springs Hotel. And I have great news, I spoke to Coach Phil and got you a discount on a discount; First, the course was $800 but the price was reduced to $300 but I asked for a further discount for you my friend.  All you have to do is call me on +256773342324 after reading this and make a commitment after which I will give you a further discount so you will pay $285. Sounds great?

Pick up the phone right now and make the call. Looking forward to seeing you at Silver Springs Hotel. Oh, by the way I will be there too among the facilitators.

Remember World Class Dreams need World Class Coaches; nothing less will do.

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  1. Great insight Sudesh…

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