Why should I do what you are asking me to do?
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Why should I do what you are asking me to do?

Everyday I ask someone to do something;

The employee to accomplish the task,

The client to use that new tool,

The prospect to sign me up as a service provider,

The Entrepreneur to innovate, etc.

As I am asking one to do something, I imagine them asking me back, “Why should I do what you are asking me to do?” Adults don’t want to be told what to do, they love to be influenced. Even when you are paying them to do something for you or for themselves. Unfortunately, most of them rarely answer than question correctly especially if what they are being asked to do brings them pleasure- strange but true!

I have known Pat (not real names) for two years now. He resigned from his job and with the support of his dear wife, he started trading fish. I met Pat in 2018 during a World class Public Speaking Training where I was supporting my good friend Coach Phil. Pat speaks from the heart and has a chance to make it in the Motivational speaking industry. After the training, he went back to the fish business despite being excited about speaking and Consulting. Can you relate?

Fast forward March 2,2019 I gave Pat a call because a client of mine wanted a motivational speaker and I was engaged. He took up the opportunity; I knew it would be a big stretch for him to stand before four hundred parents but I trusted him to deliver (By the way I trust very few people to deliver at a high stage) The next day Pat called me , “Sudesh I don’t think I can take on this opportunity. My wife is mad at me for not taking it up. Thank you for believing in me. You see I have been a parent for a few years and that audience has many people who are better than me at parenting….”

Have you ever wanted a door to open up and when it did you got so scared and started asking yourself, “Why should I do this?” You are not alone, most people are busy running away from their real opportunity; the innovator from launching that prototype, the business leader from taking up that leadership development course and the beautiful lady from the man of her dreams.

After listening to Pat I told him, “I don’t recommend someone unless I am sure they can deliver just as good as me or even better. What you are dealing with right now is the fear of failure; judgment from the audience. You and I have waited for this opportunity. I understand why your wife is mad at you….”

Just like Pat, most people will do more to avoid pain than they will to gain pleasure. I challenge you right now to do something you have been putting off for long and send me the good report on sudesh@ I am cheering you on.

After our chat, Pat said, “Sudesh you are right. I know what to do, let me prepare for the speech” I got the reviews from the client and Pat was amazing!

Why should I do what you are asking me to do? Because it will make you experience growth and move towards your pleasures rather than your fears.

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