Why being Busy is the Biggest Obstacle to Innovation.
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Why being Busy is the Biggest Obstacle to Innovation.

For the most part, those looking to innovate look for insight from outside experiences, often looking at icons of innovation like Apple. Many have wondered: what is Apple’s secret? What managerial magic led to the runaway success of the iphone?

But from my ten years research and consulting on innovation, I have found out that even the icons have not completely figured out innovation. In fact, these icons are usually trying to answer the same questions you are asking. “What did we do that made our past innovation efforts a success? How can we make innovation more routine?”

If there is one thing you can learn from the icons of innovation in principle, it is:

Find time for innovation.

Most organizations are not designed for innovation, quite to the contrary they are designed for ongoing operations. They are “busy” When you ask them why they rarely innovate they will say;

 “We’ve tried that before”

“I can’t take such a senior decision”

“That is a small idea for us”

“That is a big idea for us”

“We can’t do that”

The pursuit of opportunity will require you to think differently and break the rules that paralyze change. When you value innovation, you shall find time for it and stop being “busy for it”

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