Who Really determines Your Salary?

As it turns out, all employees and employers have a view of what is fair. Employers want to pay competitive salaries to attract the best talent and get bragging rights in their industry. Employees desire to get fair salaries. But who determines competitive and fair? Where do employees get the perception that they are paid a ‘fair’ salary?

While I might not answer the question in it’s entirety, salaries are just an example of how critical thinking works. Critical thinking is not about being critical it comes from the Greek word ‘Kritikos’ which means ‘judgement’ ‘decision making’ On the other hand thinking has been dubbed the hardest work there is by Henry Ford. Thinking is about aligning one’s values to actions. Productive thinkers excel at it while lazy ones have a disconnect. Summarily critical thinking is about bringing together skills that help in proper making decisions after exploring all alternatives to come up with the best option.

If you’re still reading up to this point, you’re interested in getting to the bottom of this issue. When you embrace critical thinking you learn how to analyze, become creative,collaborate and practice mindfulness.

In regard to salaries, how about letting employees determine their salaries e.g. at Semco. How about employers and employees collaborating on detaining fairness instead of salaries being a C-suite thing? Which ever route you take will yield results that you have never imagined.

All the best as you adopt critical thinking.

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