Which Kind of Expert Are You?

Which Kind of Expert Are You?

Experts are people who have learnt how to ask important questions. You can ask questions when you are ignorant but if you are truly ignorant you cannot ask the right questions.

Experts have also refined action so that all unnecessary bits have been thrown out. A novice does something in a cumbersome way. The expert does it more simply. The novice goes from A to B to get to C. The expert goes from A directly to C

In terms of knowledge, the expert is someone who has made it in his business or her business to collect and digest information in a particular field.

So thus far the expert is great at knowledge, action and acceleration of decision making but how about judgement?

It’s been said that experts are guardians of the past and people expect them to be so. The expert’s judgement is based on “what is” rather than on “what can be” Experts once said that a telephone was a toy box. Experts once calculated that the total world market for computers would be eight.

Experts are experts in what has been but not what may be.

Let me introduce you to another kind of expert. The one who keeps his or her curiosity open. Willing to open up possibilities instead of preferring to trade in certainties. This expert has added wisdom to his or her expertise

Which expert are you?

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