What is the Purpose of PURPOSE?

What is the Purpose of PURPOSE?

One of the most misunderstood words is “Purpose” People who say they found their purpose are judged to be mature, grounded and inspiring. The ones who are searching are seen as frantic, not grounded and lost.

Recently I was Coaching an Entrepreneur on how to use a management methodology that helps to ensure that any Business focusses efforts on the same important issues throughout the Company. At the end of our session she said, “I realize I have been gambling in business”

In essence what she was saying was, “I didn’t have a purpose for my business” Her words got me to ask myself what purpose is and what the purpose of purpose is anyway;

After a long search and endless meditations on purpose I realize that;

Purpose is contextual: To the parent the purpose of a car is to get her kids to school in a convenient way. To the cargo transporter the purpose of a car might change a bit.

Purpose is always present: In the case of my client, she wanted to use her “business to find independence through service”.  All I did was to guide her on how to discover that purpose. Discovery means something has always been there.

So since now you know that purpose is contextual and everyone/everything has purpose.

The purpose of purpose is to help you persevere in context. The Entrepreneur who I helped discover the purpose of her business will stop at nothing until she gains independence through service in her business.

Credit: Sudesh Kaka.

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