What Do You Do When Nobody Wants Your Innovation?
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What Do You Do When Nobody Wants Your Innovation?

You have spent thousands of hours developing or improving a product or service but the market rejects it. What do you do?

I want you to imagine if you will; the year is 1985, Coca-Cola has been around for hundreds of years yet they feel pressure from Pepsi. What do they do? They tweak their recipe for the first time in a century. However, consumers don’t like the new taste.

In 2012 Google unveiled the Google Glass; a pair of glasses with a small camera which could take pictures and verbal commands. However, it quickly became creepy because property owners did not want people taking random pictures of the clients especially from the strangers who bought these glasses.

So, what did Coca-Cola and Google do? They pulled their products off the shelves after three months and a year respectively. When the market says “NO” pull the plug.

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