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What Dancing can Teach You and I About Innovation.

In 2013, Lawrence Jatindi and I teamed up to start a ballroom dance business that we called VANESH KLAS. Our biggest client back then was a monk I will call “Bimbo” (not real names).He wasn’t the best in the class but through watching him and his Teacher-Lawrence I learned a lot about innovation.

Inspired by the above example, I have decided to share what I learned  about innovation. Today I dance fairly well, I’d like to argue that ballroom dancing too can teach us about innovation. Anyways here I what I learned:

Make every move your move.

In a sense, there is no “correct” way to dance. Ballroom dancing will give you the basics but you find your art therein. Innovation is the same way; you have tools like; design thinking but they are simply guides. Learn the basics and create your own art.

You move with your feet, but you dance with your whole body

Lawrence always encouraged Bimbo to dance with the whole body not just the feet. “If you don’t move your whole body, your dance will be blant”, the teacher said. Innovation is the same way, for it to be effective it should be done throughout the entire organization not just with product development. “Let the whole body (company) dance (innovate)”

Motion creates an emotion.

Bimbo wasn’t always in a dancing mood but Lawrence told him to just move. “Get up, turn on the music and take your first step”, he would say. On some days you are not going to feel like innovating because of past failures but pick yourself up, take the first step and do something better.

The floor is open, make your way, do your dance.

Credit: Sudesh Kaka.

PS: Vanesh Klas today has evolved into Swim& Dance and its on this Saturday 3rd Nov 2018. Call Lawrence on +256788138301  to reserve your ticket. See you there.

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