Welcome to the Imagination Age

Welcome to the Imagination Age

Henry Ford once said, “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it” I used to think that all people THINK, I was wrong and here is why;

Over the last five years, you and I have seen the boring and repetitive work being done by “robots” or Computers. At a click of a mouse, you can receive a customized email every Wednesday morning without me being on my laptop, thanks to automation from MailChimp. This means I don’t need a secretary to reach you. The bottled water you take has very little human input, it is largely machines that do the work. And for such a bottling plant does not need to employ many people on its assembly line.

The above seems an obvious afterthought, yet there are still people looking for jobs as secretaries or assembly line workers. Such people are not thinkers, they have ignored the hard work of thinking.

Newsflash: Working today means creating more challenging, creative and interesting work for people.  You will be required to think of processes that have never existed before, recruitment methods that are not taught in School and business models that no one has ever seen. As Entrepreneurs, we have to be thinking of new ways of creating value.

Imagination is the most valued skill in our modern society today. If you don’t believe me study Google, it created an industry of its own. Jumia has redefined its own version of a market place in Africa where most people were not transacting online. They imagined it and went out to execute the idea.

We live in an imagination economy where creative thought powers action and not vice versa. Welcome to the imagination age.

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