Velocityxperience 2019 Highlights.
Velx19 Class Photo credit : watsemba miriam

Velocityxperience 2019 Highlights.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know what Velocityxperience is. If you don’t know it is Christmas and New Year’s Day for all innovators. It is essentially a one-day system for strengthening your influence and creativity. For the second year, the workshop was hosted at the beautiful Fairway Hotel & Spa in Kampala.

For those who missed, I have the pleasure of sharing the highlights of the day;

Session 1: Mastering Innovation.

In innovation we have amateurs and masters; Mastery means to have comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. In regard to mastering innovation, you need to develop three aspects;

  1. Philosophy: This simply means to fall in love with one’s thoughts.  Innovators are guided by thoughts that they value most. This becomes the philosophy that defines the lifestyle one lives.
  2. Influence: Creation is not something you do but something done through you. You can’t innovate alone you need to affect the thoughts and behaviours of other people. Affecting the thoughts, behaviors and actions is what we call influence.
  3. Happiness: You are a sum total of your thoughts and feelings. We call this a state. You are most creative when you are in a happy state.

When you work on your philosophy, influence and happiness you are guaranteed to master innovation, monetise it and impact the society.

Session 2: Design thinking.

Design thinking is an iterative (repetition of a sequence of operations) approach to problem solving that intentionally seeks out people with different perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience and has them work together to create a practical solution for a real-world problem.

In this session, innovators created a futuristic shoe. Below are some of the prototypes.

Some of the futuristic shoe prototypes

Session 3: Fun and play.

Studies show that when you make play the foundation of learning you help learners immerse themselves in the experience thereby retaining over eighty percent of whatever they learn. We had a photo shoot, dance and swim session to close the day.

We look forward to seeing you on March 21st ,2020.

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