True Story on the Power of generosity.

Meet the late Mzee Joram Kamau – The founder of Tuskys who used to work for Nakumatt (80’s when it was Nakuru Matreses) as a driver and as a retirement reward for long loyal good service, the Nakuru Mattresses guys helped him start a shop in a remote village ‘Rongai Self Service’ (This was the first self service store in that village and everybody was excited). The old man and his boys worked so hard and out of that, they set up Tusker Matreses in down town Nairobi which is today’s Tuskys.

Look who’s running to who for help many years down the road. (For those who don’t know what’s happening…. Tuskys has taken over the management of Nakumatt Supermarkets)

To extend the generosity once extended to him, Mzee Joram Kamau helped his brother and his sons set up their own shop by handing over to them the same Rongai Matresses when (Tuskys) grew big. Today that brother’s empire is called Naivas. Today that same self service shop gets handed down to members of the family who are serious about venturing into retail.

Don’t despise humble beginnings… Usidharau your driver, house help, watchman or even that maize roasting guy you pass on your way to your ‘well paying job’

Their breakthrough might be the straw your kids will be clinging on in the future.

Credit: Uhuru Kenyatta -President of the Republic of Kenya.

(256) 773 342 324

Plot 7 Moyo Lane. Kololo. Kampala. Uganda

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