Tribute to Mummy: 5 life lessons

Hi everyone. I usually write about innovation, strategy and team engagement but today I want to make an exception and give a tribute to my mum who went to be with the Lord on 28th September 2021. Firstly I want to thank those who stood with us when the news struck. As a son I miss her; she was my mentor, friend and confidant. In the wake of death, emotions are high and activities and many so I didn’t get adequate time to give a tribute despite being an emcee at the funeral so I thought I should give this tribute and share a few life lessons.

Ever since her passing, I have been meditating about what I learnt from this lady who I had grown to know so well. We had our fair share of ‘fights’ but we all had fun. If you knew mummy, she was the life of the party even when she wasn’t feeling fine she wanted everyone happy.

Allow me to share five things I learnt from her or the legacy that will last to eternity:

  1. Never allow one bad thing make you forget the 99 good things someone has done: “Mummy that friend of yours has hurt you so bad why do you still go out to love her” I once asked my mum after her friend had hurt her. She told me, ” People will hurt you but I never forget the good things they have done. My friend has been loyal i cant forget what she has done in the past” I watched my mother and i can testify that she never hated anyone. I don’t say that to impress you but to show you that you choose to either love people or hate them.
  2. Feeling sorry for oneself is a waste of time: If there was ever a person to feel sorry for herself it would be mummy; she lost her husband at 30, had to take care of us yet she never complained at all. As I grew older I took on her character but I didn’t know the story behind. So always did, I asked her, “Why dont you feel sorry for yourself?” ” When your Dad passed on I had to call Police to watch over my late husband’s property because i knew i had to take care of you after the funeral” she added, “ People move on pretty quick never cry forever, life moves on” For those who watched me during the funeral I was sad but i wasnt crying. It wasnt because i didnt feel the pain, no! I still have moments when I feel pain weeks after the funeral but I never feel sorry for myself and that i leartn from mummy. Simply put; appreciate people around you but never feel sorry for them or for yourself.
  3. Never budget in people’s pockets: So this one time i got asking for money from my mum and she says, ” Why do you budget from my pockets?” “You’re my mother and mothers provide duh! I thought. Had i told her that she would have slapped me or beaten the devil out of me as she often reffered to spanking. I was around 9 at a time. After he asking that question she led me to the neighbour’s residence and said, “My sons can mow your compound and take care of your flower beds at a small fee can you hire them?” Brother Herman ,our neighbour hired me and from then onwards my brother and I leart how to work with our hands. All my mum’s children stopped depending on her for pocket money at a tender age. I started selling success cards in high school, had many businessess as a result of this lesson. She taught usto live a quiet life at an early age.
  4. Spend time with wiser people: Mummy has always been intentional about nurturing her children to be wise. When growing up we never had a television; you either had to read a book or do something useful. When it came to friends, they were vetted. She often asked, “Do your friends challenge you?” More importantly she showed us this by example. All her friends are wise by and large. As an adult I choose who I spend time with. Also read atleast 75-100 books a year because this virtue was instilled in me as a young boy
  5. Have fun, it will keep you young: To those who knew Mummy she was full of energy; always joyful even in sad times. she often said, “I am happy and joyful thats why I look younger than all my peers” As her children we took this lesson serious especially me hahahahaha. I was happy at her vigil when we sprang into praising God.

Hey look, I know my siblings and I are not the first and last to lose a parent but it is important to meditate on the legacy of your loved ones. Mummy lived a happy life. She led by example and her legacy lives on. I hope you have learnt something. Adios muchachos!

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