There’s More to THINKING than just Problem Solving
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There’s More to THINKING than just Problem Solving

Many of us have been told that “any problem can be turned into an opportunity” But we seem to be more interested in problem- solving than opportunity seeking.

When was the last time you took off time to think about opportunities? I am not referring to the opportunities that you are considering because they starred at you in the face. I mean actively seeking opportunities.

In 2019, I and the team started being deliberate about “thinking to find opportunities” We do this Wednesday from 10:00 am. What happens is we look at one of our services, clients or an industry and actively use design thinking to identify opportunities. Some of the results of our opportunities thinking have been;

  1. Developing new products for segments of the market we had never thought about.
  2. Overhauling our value proposition for our signature event: VelocityXperience ( we discovered we were going after the wrong markets so we are pivoting)
  3. We also discovered that we can teach people how to find opportunities( we haven’t taken this to market yet)

This got me thinking, “If opportunity finding is that fruitful, why do few people engage in it?” In our journey, we have found out that finding opportunities is a lot of hard work especially the thinking part. Because of that most Companies are content with the status quo. There’s little motivation to change.

If you are a business, you are supposed to be out there seeking opportunities the whole time. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, businesses are more interested in creativity for problem-solving than finding opportunities.

I hope you become more deliberate about finding opportunities.

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