The Value of Perfect Practice Your Workplace

The Value of Perfect Practice Your Workplace

Do you practice having fun and fruitful meetings before having them or you just have them?

When was the last time your role played effective Communication between your department and that other department that is a pain in the ass?

With exception of training when did you last role play wowing your clients?

Here is a mind-blowing discovery from the world of sports about the Value of Perfect Practice before performance.

My favorite team in the NBA is Cleveland Cavaliers, in October 2017 their star player – Lebron James was just coming off an injury and for such he had barely practiced when the season begun. Testament to his lack of practiced he was slow, an average team player at the moment and he wasn’t comfortable. In the world of sports there’s no substitute for perfect practice.

Great athletes spend a lot of time practicing and little time playing, perfect practice is a prerequisite to playing and winning.

Most Leaders rarely practice great Leadership. Most Entrepreneurs rarely practice great Entrepreneurship and most customer service people hardly practice wowing clients.

At workplaces it’s very possible to “practice before playing” by infusing #servicedesign into your processes by:

  1. Exploring – map out your inter departmental interactions or client journeys.
  2. Creating– design experiences that are value centered.
  3. Executing – after practice go and play to win.

When you explore, create and execute you will have designed your service.

I will share more details on the nitty-gritty of #servicedesign in my next posts. For now, first practice before playing.

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