The Purpose of “Thinking” is to Abolish THINKING

The Purpose of “Thinking” is to Abolish THINKING

The purpose of “thinking” is to set up routine patterns so that we can always see the world through these routine patterns, which then tells us what to do.

From the time you were a child, your mother showed you one way of dressing up so that you would master it but she also didn’t know other ways of getting dressed. If you are given eleven shirts/blouses, all over a sudden you are exposed to 39,816,800 ways to get dressed. If you explored all of them you would take days dressing up. Isn’t it?

Your brain forms patterns from experience. These experiences self-organise into patterns. Without these patterns, you wouldn’t be able to cross the road, drive or even work. Your brain is, therefore, a superb pattern-making and pattern using system ( which is why it is so bad at creativity)

What most of us call creativity is actually pattern recognition. We seek to fit into appropriate patterns- these patterns are boxes that define our past experiences and routines. We set out looking for something. We are happy when we find something that “fits” what we are looking for so we search no further.

Design Thinking is a tool that helps you challenge the patterns you have formed over time and give you a high chance of coming up with ideas that are outside your current imagination.

Your imagination is limited by your knowledge and experiences. Expand your imaginations by being exposed to different experiences.

I invite you to spend a day with us as we explore the tenets of design thinking on March21,2020.

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