The Power of ‘Zero’

News flash: Zero means nothing. It represents nothing but it’s not meaningless as a friend of mine found out.

Serita works in the hospitality industry and here is her story,“ My Boss- Doctor Max( not real names) realised that the electricity bills were going high with few patients at the hospital. And as for such, he made it his work to observe behaviours that might have been contributing to the high bills. Doctor Max noted that many nurses would use the lifts even when they are not carrying anything” Serita narrated. During the next town hall meeting, Doctor Max made a promise to the nurses saying, “If I find you using the lift without holding anything I will deduct only one zero from your salary”

Serita told me she had never realised that zero had so much power until Doc Max made the threat. How come ‘Zero’which means nothing has so much power? It is because we give it that power.

What I have just done is to analyse the use of zero and derive insight into how we think critically. Unfortunately, most people never question the status quo. They are complacent about thinking. Such people believe they have nothing to learn. They usually win arguments and believe there is nothing further to thinking than defending a point of view.

There are people who are highly intelligent and do not make mistakes in their thinking. They believe that intelligence is enough and that thinking without mistakes is good thinking.

There are people who have given up on thinking. They have not done particularly well at school and they are not good at solving puzzles. So they come to believe that Thinking is not for them. They are content to get by, day to day, as best they can.

Complacency is the enemy of all progress. So is resignation. If you believe you are perfect, then you make no effort to get better. If you have given up, you make no effort.

Learn to maximise thinking by questioning things, trying alternative ways of carrying out tasks, being more practical, going to different environments etc. You will create your own zeros and give them power.

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