The Power of Human Interaction

Pre- COVID we had so much face to face interaction that we began taking it for granted; you met your friends and colleagues every day if you wanted. With the lockdowns and quarantines, total human interaction wasn’t possible until recently. It has taken over two years for people to meet face-to-face.

Recently I was facilitating an executive retreat for a client: when the CEO stood to address her fellow leaders she said, “I don’t know most of you can you introduce yourselves”, she went n to say, “ I joined this company during lockdown so I have seen most of you on Zoom but not physically”

We have learnt to treasure human interaction: be present, switch off the phones and take time to know each other. All things surely work together for the good and if any good came out of COVID it’s the fact that we treasure human interactions.

Hey look speaking of human interactions what are you doing this Christmas? The team and I will be taking off time to be with our loved ones.

Enjoy the holidays!


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