The Customer is NOT ‘King’ and here is why

Service is an incomplete word because it says, “The customer is king!” But as it works out in real life, the customer isn’t king except in the mind of the customer.

To the employees, the customer isn’t king; he’s often a pain in the ass.

To the suppliers, the customer isn’t queen; she’s often a problem waiting to happen.

To the lenders, the customer isn’t king; he’s often a drunk hanging on to a wagon careening into a wall.

No, the customer isn’t king to them—they are! “If the customer is king,” they all ask privately, deep in the hidden recesses of their longing hearts, “what about me?”

That’s what everybody else is asking too: “What about me?”

There can be no such thing as effective customer service in a company where the employees are disenchanted, where the owners aren’t making a decent profit, where the suppliers aren’t getting paid on time. In short, a strong focus on customer service not only is insufficient to produce lasting results in a company, but, in itself, makes lasting results impossible to achieve.

In a nutshell, the real king is the person who serves the ‘king’ treat the employee, service provider and lender as king and see your business soar.

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