The Creativity You Forget to Use

The Creativity You Forget to Use

It is very possible to get bogged down by everyday matters of life and lose the truth that you don’t actually have to feel trapped.

By Corporate standards Viola is the epitome of perfection: shows up on time, does more than her share of work, leads her team effectively and gains praises from her superiors.

But something is breaking in her life. After ten years of progression in her career, Viola has come to an end in pursuit of happiness at work. “I have done everything here to the point that I am bored, stressed and looking for the next step” she told me.

Viola represents many people who want to transform life from mere duty to real passion. The stumbling block that people like Viola face, however, is not exercising the basics of creativity.

Firstly you need to realise that your current situation is not the only option open to you. You can change how you live and work.

Secondly, stop playing it safe by sticking to familiarity. Ask your bosses to get you exposed to different challenges. Switch departments.

Thirdly take action, change routines and have fun. When I had a job I got bored at some point so instead of coming in early to start on my work straight away, I watched a documentary from 6:00 am-8:00am…when that became boring I switched things around like my desk etc.

The creativity you forgot to use is hurting you. Join us on 21st March 2020 as we ignite creativity.

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