Technology is not Innovation, stop over rating it.

Technology is not Innovation, stop over rating it.

Any Business Executive knows what it means to invest in technology customer interfaces like web sites and smart phone apps. However the return on these investment isn’t always pretty because;

  1. Customer’s problems are not necessarily the drive for such investments- at least for those that have failed terribly.
  2. The Business models that these technological interfaces enable are not viewed as valuable to the target market.

We all know about UBER and AirBNB; they don’t own cars and hotels respectively. These businesses use technology as an enabler of their business models. In both these cases, it is the business model which is the innovation not the technology. To them Technology is Not Innovation and is Not Digital Disruption.

Back in 2011, we (Sudesh Int’l Consult) had an opportunity to broadcast Leadercast– a prime full day Leadership Conference held in Atlanta Georgia. At the time, internet as incredibly expensive so live streaming failed terribly on our side, so, we opted to have the DVDs of the conference sent via DHL a month later. Thankfully the  Leadercast  covered the shipment of the DVDs. They focused on solving the customers’ problems and created a subsequent business model to support it. They also used technology as an enabler where necessary.

From times past, Companies that disrupt use Technology as an enabler not an Innovation in itself.

Join the ranks the disruptors today by approaching technology as an enabler.

writer: Sudesh Kaka.

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