Teamwork is more than a Cliché-it’s a MANTRA
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Teamwork is more than a Cliché-it’s a MANTRA

You might be getting results at your workplace without Teamwork. The problem with such results is; they are not sustainable. Soon or later you will crash.

I remember the Junior Basketball Competitions when I was fourteen at Kiira College Butiki. Our team went all the way to the finals. We had a chance to win it all.

However, there was one problem, our entire game plan relied on one guy. Adriko was a huge kid, fast, with a basketball IQ that very few juniors had. He could score, block and pass better than us all.  The general direction from our Coach was to get the ball to Adriko, even if it meant him dribbling the entire court.

Adriko could easily score thirty points every game. In the finals, he was matched against a kid his size, his talent, playing shutdown defence. We were matched against a team that utilized teamwork. Our team fell apart at the end of the second quarter.

Arguments broke out at half time. Adriko was frustrated. He tried to rally the team. “I can’t win alone; we have to play as a team.” A clever deduction for such a young man. The rest of us were not so clever. We kept trying to force the ball to him while he was well covered. We were overmatched; our opponents had been playing as a team the entire tournament. We were summarily walloped in the finals. We were no match for a team with talent and teamwork.

As a young man, the loss got me thinking; Teamwork is not just about working together to achieve a goal, if that was the case, we would have won the tournament.

On the winning team;

  • Everyone had a winning mentality, unlike our team. Up to now, I don’t know why the Coach put some people on the team. At your workplace, hire people who are already hungry to win and give them the best tools. I am convinced that screening for a winning mentality is possible.
  • Secondly, these guys had good practice habits; in practice, they concentrated on getting everyone involved. On the contrary, we didn’t practise much because we had a star. Do you share responsibility at work in things like taking turns to lead meetings, letting everyone be involved in the sales process or organizing for parties regardless of their department? When you share small responsibilities, you give people a chance to win. These small victories build chemistry and bonds.

In nurturing Teamwork, the environment eventually overcomes willpower. Culture is everything.

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