Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money

As the lockdown is continuously extended, some people are balled up: resources are spread thin, it is tough being creative under stress and you might even think I am mad to have chosen such a title for this blog post. You are right! I still believe you can be more innovative than you have ever been, incredibly profitable and or impactful during this time and beyond. But first, you need to orient yourself on what it means to Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money:

In a City lived two watchmakers; Hora and Tempus. Both of them made fine watches, and they both had many customers. People dropped into their stores, and their phones rang constantly with new orders. Over the years however, Hora prospered while Tempus became poorer and poorer.

The watches made by both Hora and Tempus consisted of about one thousand parts each. Tempus put his together in such a way that if he had one partly assembled and had to put it down to answer the phone, say-it fell to pieces. When he came back. Tempus would have to start all over again. The more his customers phoned him, the harder it became for him to find enough uninterrupted time to finish a watch.

Hora’s watches were no less complex than those of Tempus, but he put together stable sub-assemblies together into larger assembly; and ten of those assemblies constituted the whole watch. Whenever Hora had to put down a partly completed watch to answer the phone, he lost only a small part of his work. So, he made his watches much faster and more efficiently than did Tempus.

Hora used knew how to use a SYSTEM (Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money)– an organized established procedure which produces results, no matter, who is using it. Do you remember the digestive system? the one by which ingested food is acted upon by physical and chemical means to provide the body with absorbable nutrients and to excrete waste products? yes, that one!

I have studied Companies and people who easily get head and are creative, they seem to be conscientious as well. Employing a system will get you ahead. Donella H Meadows in her book Thinking in Systems describes a system as, an interconnected set of elements that is coherently organized in a way to achieve something. Any system consists of; elements, interconnections and the function or purpose.

In this case the elements of the digestive system are the; mouth, food, hormones, enzymes, anus, teeth, stomach. The connections of the digestive system are obvious like the connection between the mouth, food and teeth. The purpose/function of this system is to breakdown food into nutrients and transfer the nutrients to the bloodstream while getting rid of waste.

So how are you organizing (connections) your resources (elements) to help you become more innovative, profitable or impactful? learn from Hora or the digestive system.