How Report cards in kill creativity in schools & how you can fix it .

How Report cards in kill creativity in schools & how you can fix it .

Society rewards compliance over creativity. It all starts in school; you are taught something, then after a couple of weeks examined to see whether you remember the things you were taught. If you remember you are celebrated, if you don’t remember you are punished.

This system unfortunately still goes on today. Good grades are a reward for compliance but don’t have much to do with learning. The students who cannot recall things are labeled failures and for such they give up on learning. The education system is screwed and needs fixing.

Daniel.H. Pink in his book Drive: The Surprising Truth about what motivates us, suggests a DIY (Do It Yourself) report system; at the beginning of the semester students set their learning goals, then at the end of the semester they review the goals with the teacher as the teacher gives his/her report.

The conversation is based on feedback questions like;

  1. Where did you succeed?
  2. Where did you fall short?
  3. What more do you need to learn?

In such a system the report is a means for feedback and everyone learns at their pace. Learning is the action taken after experiencing something not just memory.

Credit: Sudesh Kaka.

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