Quit “Solving Problems”, Do This One Thing Instead

A problem is like a stone in your shoe, you know when it’s there. If you haven’t experienced a problem you will experience one soon.

In 2018 I experienced a problem of inconsistency; in exercising, praying and going out to look for business. I would have one great month followed by a not so good month in the above-mentioned areas. Come 2019, I determined to solve the problem. How? I didn’t know exactly how but I was going to solve it one way or another. I had the will power but little strategy so the inconsistency carried on for the first months of 2019. Hope is not a strategy as you realise so far from my experience. I had to do something different rather than hope that I would solve the problem.

One quiet Tuesday morning in March 2019, I was seated in my desk doing self-evaluation when I realised I hadn’t met my goals for the first quarter. So I decided to ditch the whole “problem solving” thing. From then onwards I concentrated on “Problem avoidance” Instead of solving the problem I decided to go upstream and alter the system so that the problem wouldn’t occur again.

I built an obsession of scheduling everything and relentlessly following up. I have had time to pray, exercise and look for business. Guess what? I have done it to the point that it has become a habit. “Problem avoidance” is about redesigning your life.

“Problem avoidance” is better than “Problem-solving”