Patience versus Urgency: finding the right balance for Innovation.

Patience versus Urgency: finding the right balance for Innovation.

Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. On the other hand Urgency is, importance requiring swift action.

The right balance between patience and urgency can spur innovation. But too much tilt towards one direction will hurt innovation. As a leader of innovation, it is your duty to find the delicate balance. “Sudesh how do I start finding the practical balance?” you may ask. I suggest the following;

Have two sets of objectives: My Team and I have two sets of objectives; committed objective which deals with urgency. Our committed objective in 2019 is to run the Company at 50% profitability. We also have an aspirational objective running from 2019-2023 which is to build an Innovation obsessed brand. This objective stretches over five years it is the “patience objective”

We know that without urgency (in this case profitability) we won’t be able to be patient enough to see the fruition of our innovation obsessed brand.  It is possible to build innovation within your organization without compromising the demands of everyday business life. If you need help in this area let’s have a chat; sudesh@

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