Our Story of Beautiful Hope

The unfathomable occurred and lives changed forever, businesses metamorphosed and the world is different. 2020 has tested tradition and forced change. We had events, flights and holidays scheduled. Markets were to be opened up. Loved ones had made appointments to fly over. Most of this did not happen. We have had to pivot this year. We kept the faith. We have done things we have never done before. Can you relate? I bet you can.

Personally I have met many great people; friends, clients and random folks on the streets. In slowing down I have learnt that each of us has a story- some good and some bad. I have appreciated the value of human interaction when everything shuts down. If there’s anything I am taking from 2020, it is that people matter most and everything is possible to them that believe.  

Onto 2021! We at Sudesh Int’l Consult are looking forward to a great year. We have spent over two-thousand hours over the last 1.5 years disrupting ourselves; refining our products, understanding our customer and thinking. On this journey we have learnt the following things which we hope to exercise fully in 2021;

See and think

Without sight, it is hard to know where one is going. This might sound cliché but you need a plan for your life and business. It need not be perfect but you need one.


Anything you haven’t experienced through thought or imagination will never manifest. Can you feel the things actually happening or you are seating back waiting on whatever…..Attach feelings to things. It is the fuel that moves you.

Take action.

Without action nothing is manifested. Test correct and improve.

Happy new year 2021