“No Pain No Gain” is Bulshit and Here is Why

“No Pain No Gain” is Bulshit and Here is Why

As it turns out most people who get off the couch and start on an intense exercise program end up on the couch again. The majority of people who set resolutions at the beginning of the year abandon them before the end of January. These are success loving people with good intentions yet they end up worse than where they start. Why exactly happens to them?

They believe in the mantra of “No pain no gain” and for such got overkill.

Bekele celebrates at the Berlin Marathon

Meet Kenenisa Bekele is an Ethiopian long-distance runner, the current world record and Olympic record holder in both the 5000-metre and 10,000-metre events. Bekele has struggled with injuries more than any long-distance runner in recent times yet he finds ways to win. In September 2019 he won the Berlin Marathon in 2:01:41, the second-fastest time ever and just two seconds off of the world record set by Eliud Kipchoge on the same course the previous year. So you think he subscribes to “no pain no gain” he doesn’t. Keep reading to find out.

Physiotherapy expert Dr Seiler who studied the training regimens of the best Athletes in the areas of skiing, cycling and racing learnt that these champions spend most of their hours in building endurance by doing the basics and simple exercises. Once in a while, they will practice moderately and intensely.

Back to Bekele; in his five- day training he runs one hundred and fifty kilometres. I know what you are thinking, he runs thirty kilometres every day for five days. Wrong! He covers forty-two kilometres twice in five days-which is the length of the actual marathon and for the rest of the days, he does minimal running, perfects his form and builds endurance in the process.

As you can see immediate overkill will create pain and struggle not the endurance you need. Learn to perfect the basics, introduce moderate training and schedule the intense stuff on specific days. Let me put this into context- I have written a weekly blog each week this year ( simple writing conditioning) Now that I have the perfect endurance, I have will publish a book in 2020. If I had started with the book it would be “painful”

Divorce “no pain no gain”

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  1. So insightful… Thank you for the reminder of learning…

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