Never Underestimate Human Stupidity

You could be stupid, make stupid decisions and not realise you are being stupid. Stupidity is behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement.

We all have that one thing we spent money on only to realise it was poor judgement. Leaders have recruited wrong people only to realise it was the wrong judgement. Relationships have ended because the people in it exercised human stupidity to a degree. Never underestimate human stupidity.

A few days ago I got a call from an acquaintance who was relaying a rumour she heard about me…..

I think you are better off seeking an answer from however told you” I answered. “And besides I don’t feed gossip”

Sudesh I think what I heard about you was true” she concluded.

This wonderful lady exercised a lack of good judgement by coming to a conclusion without all the facts. But she is not alone; the chances of winning a bet are one out of two hundred and fifty yet young men continue to invest in it. Studies show that sixty percent of the purchases made are by impulse( poor judgement or stupidity)

This blogpost might not change how stupid most actions are in the world but I hope it makes you aware of the anatomy of stupidity. Human stupidity can make you rich like Cocacola, save you money if you understand it or destroy you if you stay simple.

Decide what do do with it.

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