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Make Change Stick

Over the last ten years of facilitating Culture change in private and government organisations, we have realised that change is fragile. Tradition is powerful a force, it leaps into the future and slides back in the past.

Everything was going on smoothly; we signed a contract with a Company that desperately needed change. I mean no operational systems, lack of behavioural standards and reluctant leadership. That is the picture of what we were dealing with. Though we faced resistance as consultants from the beginning, staff embraced the change and results were showing.

However six months later our contact expired and we noticed ‘backsliding’ Staff were going back to the status quo. It became worse when the change agents left the jobs.  Change was held by the guiding team. You many think you have a strong house, yet not notice the walls being held in place by the construction crew. Eventually the crew leaves and gravity takes over. Gravity is tradition in this case.

Successful change is more fragile then we often think. Making change stick requires you to:

  1. Re-think orientation.

Employee turnover,business pressures, disruptive crises or bosses leaving undermine the building of culture. When people are brought into the organisation they bring with them different cultures. It is pertinent for the culture champs to record videos to preserve the culture and show new staff how they interact with the changes in culture.

2. Promote cultured people.

By putting cultured people into positions of power you create an increasingly solid foundation at your Company.

Make Change stick!

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