Let Go of…..And Let Innovation
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Let Go of…..And Let Innovation

Letting go of old ways of thinking to embrace new ones is the first step to becoming highly creative.

I want you to imagine if you will; a narrow-mouthed jar full of groundnuts buried in the ground somewhere in the forest. As a monkey is moving it smells the nuts, goes and puts its paw into the jar to get out the nuts. But its hand gets stuck because the jar is not designed for a paw full of nuts. The monkey is unwilling to let go of the nuts and so he/she is trapped.

Just like the trapped monkey, what is trapping you might be your mindset in regards to embracing new ideas. “Let go of the nuts in your hand and let Innovation”

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  1. wow, i learn something from this story!

  2. Thanks Sudesh, I think many people get stuck with their old ways and reject new innovations. But I also think during the old days that was the appropriate way. If it is still suitable, I think people can still use it other than rejecting without studying its appropriateness.

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