Is there Another Way in 2020?

Is there Another Way in 2020?

Happy New year 2020 I hope you are excited about this year as I and my team are. What do most people do come the new year? They celebrate briefly and get back into the routine that looks like that of the previous year. Why? It is hard to look for better alternatives when what you have works just fine.

If you experienced success in 2019, chances are high you are planning to do more of what you did last year expecting to get better results. You neglect the obvious fact that the context in which you are going to do things this year is different from last year. Why do you continue to walk down this line? It starts with your thinking. You subscribe to the philosophy of “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it”

That kind of thinking says, “if something is not a problem don’t think about it” The biggest issue here is that you never explore the full potential. Case in point: industries in the 1930s in the USA only fixed problems while their counterparts in Japan constantly questioned continuity. Japanese manufacturers were able to become more efficient over a forty-year period.

My point is: We continue to do things in a certain way simply because we have neglected to think about them.

Explore better and new ways of doing things in 2020 by pausing to think before things are broken. You will have astronomical results if you do just that.

Enjoy the New Year 2020

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  1. Thanks Suddesh and the team, this will really help me via the weekend am going to get sometime and think about how to do my new role in a different way that they have been doing it previously, happy new you to you all.

    1. Sorry for the late reply Aidah. I hope you are having a great season.

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