Is it Safer to Start Your Own Business or Get a Job?

Let’s face it: If you are a Twenty-something or thirty-something, you view entrepreneurial ambitions as normal.  Chances are high that you are comfortable with earning your livelihood from multiple sources while you experiment with potential ventures. A Job has become an experiment for you. How do I know all this stuff? I study trends, Coach thousands of people and observe Employers, job seekers and Entrepreneurs.

Between 2004 and 2014 something strange happened; the number of people searching for jobs reduced by fifty percent. During that time, fifty percent of the searches on Google involved the word “Entrepreneur” In the same period in Uganda, one out of every three people were involved in a small business.

So back to our question; is it safer to start your own business or look for a job?

Before we answer, we have to ask a question; what people are looking for these days? Increasingly people want to be part of an enterprise that grows and adapts. The work-till-you-drop syndrome has died out. Millennials have come of age at a time when multiple online communities have facilitated hobby businesses like Fiverr, eBay, amazon etc.

Millennials and Generation X are looking for an outlet to exercise their entrepreneurship prowess- they are not looking for a job or business.

Please note that; Not every small business is entrepreneurial or represents entrepreneurship. Not every big Corporation is entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship rests on the theory of economy and society. This theory sees change as normal and healthy. It celebrates doing things that are different or in different ways. So, an entrepreneur upsets and disorganizes.

So safety lies in knowing what you are looking for as a person, finding it or creating it.