I’m Only in It for the Money
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I’m Only in It for the Money

Why do you do what you do? Are you in it for just the money or there’s something more?

My inspiration for this post comes from the greatest American art teacher- Robert Henri who wrote, “The object of painting a picture is not to make a picture. The picture is the byproduct of the value being passed on. It is also a sign of the artist’s attainment of a state of being that is higher than simply human existence”

Nine years ago, after Sudesh Int’l Consult was “born”, I hit rock bottom emotionally; cash dried out, the market wasn’t buying, my family thought I was crazy to keep a broke business and my partners became frustrated.

On so many occasions I questioned myself;

“Why did I start this business?”

“Is it worth it?”

“Why don’t I just go back and get a job? Blah! Blah! Blah!

Amidst all the internal dialogue, my conviction to succeed and stay fulfilled superseded my biggest fears. During this time, I met Coach Phil who would go on to coach, mentor and father me in the issues of business. During our first meeting he asked me a question that has stayed with me all my life;

“If you had all the money in the world would you still do what you are doing?”

Without thinking much I answered, “Yes of course!”

Years later I would still say “yes of course!” Why? I have always had a deep intrinsic motivation for what I do- the process of doing an activity for its own sake, of doing the activity for the reward that is inherent in the activity itself.

Just like the artist, I don’t just do it for the money. It is a calling that fulfils me. If you are just in it for the money, leave and go find something that gives you both fulfilment and the money. Because success without fulfilment is failure.

Enjoy the process!

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