If You Think Creative Thinking Training Sucks, Think Twice!
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If You Think Creative Thinking Training Sucks, Think Twice!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to creative thinking training:

Creativity is a natural talent that some people have and others do not have; there’s nothing you can do about creativity except to employ people who have natural talent.

Creativity consists of being freed from fears and inhibitions and if they are removed, it is enough to mess around and something useful will happen.

Which one of the above schools of thought do you subscribe to? I for one believe that people can be deliberately trained in creative thinking. And for such, I am selling the idea to you if you subscribe to any of the above schools of thought.

We can train in creative thinking just as we can train in maths, science or cooking. It doesn’t mean that everyone trained in creativity will become a genius. Everyone trained in culinary school doesn’t become a master chef but there’s a place of everyone who is trained in realising potential.

But if you are going to be trained you have to understand what I just stated above; Creativity can be trained and you can benefit from it regardless of what your dream is.

Are you ready?

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