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How to Speak the Sweet Language of Innovation

Human language is profoundly social- we are born into language. By Creating a shared reality among people, language is the primary means of transmitting cultural concepts and traditions- this can be said of innovation. The world has over 6,800 languages which all have one thing in common; they operate on combining words, phrases into unique utterances to discuss any topic. And for such the basic purpose of a language is to communicate information about ourselves.

I would like to submit the truth infallible that innovation is language. It can be learnt, spoken and used as a means of creating a culture. Just like economists, doctors, pharmacists, innovators have language too that enables them to build, preserve and advance the culture of creativity. Innovation is a system of arbitrary symbols, spoken or written. In light of the above understanding, lets explore the facets of the innovation language:

Critical thinking

The word critical is derived from the Greek word Kritikos, which means “discernment”, “the ability to judge”, or “decision making” As part of the language of innovation Critical thinking essentially is the collection of skills used every day that are necessary for our full intellectual and personal development. Such skills include; analytical, effective communication, research and inquiry, flexibility and tolerance, open mindedness, creative problem solving, attention, mindfulness and curiosity.


Creative thinking involves viewing problems from multiple perspectives and coming up with original solutions to complex problems. Creativity just like symbols of a language, involves the use of imagination to envision possibilities. When it comes to the innovation language, the facet of creativity involves the willingness to take risks, cope with the unexpected and arrive at deeper understanding.


Fact; 60% of the world’s languages are spoken by at least 10,000 people. The innovation language doesn’t operate in isolation. Innovators are interrelated; they share dialogue and community. It is the diversity that produces results that wouldn’t normally be arrived at. Truth be told, innovation without collaboration is like a lake without fish.


Communication is not what you say or do it’s the perception and interpretation derived from your verbal or non-verbal modes of passing on information. Since language is a system of communication, the innovation language operates on elements, interconnections and purpose. Firstly, the purpose of innovation is to being new and improve existing solutions. To that effect we use elements like ideation, project management, process management etc. to get to fruition.

In conclusion, if you want to master the innovation language, learn how to thinking critically, operate creatively, collaborate and communicate.

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