How to escape the ‘Sleeping lion effect’

I was told of an expert who was handling an assignment he was great at. However, the clients were complaining about the methodology being used by the expert. Her boss confronted him and answered her saying
, “Susan I have done this stuff for twenty years, I know the ins and outs…..” Have you ever worked with someone who is incredibly good at something? That person has the ability to fast track you but believing your own success can lead to their downfall. There are three traps highly successful people are prone to: one can get complacent with their own success, repetitive and overly protective of their own beliefs- “being good” at something may eventually keep you from reaching your full potential.

Once a Company becomes successful, it creates rules, procedures and policies to protect the status quo. In his book, ‘Better and Faster: the proven path to unstoppable ideas’ Jeremy Gutche- CEO of narrates a story of a CEO who exemplifies what I am addressing.

Our brand is like a lion. We grew up kings. We claimed our land. But now we’re that same lion sleeping under a tree. We have lost our hunger. We are watching hyenas stalking our territory….

Complacency is the enemy of success. Embrace change.

You do more of what you did yesterday at a faster rate yet you expect different results. It is not going to happen.

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