How to Cultivate Drive for Repetitive Work and Tasks.
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How to Cultivate Drive for Repetitive Work and Tasks.

As a teenager, I knew everything. I would dismiss advice because it started with the same line. As I grew older, I learned to listen despite being more knowledgeable and wiser. What changed? My attitude to discovery.

Often at times in my consulting work we start initiatives with our clients to foster change and or innovation. They range from fun activities, surveys or design sprints etc. However, to my dismay complaints will come in after the staff have done something once or twice. “Sudesh this is getting boring” In other words they are saying, “When we did it the first time it was interesting but now we can either do something new or change the way we do this particular thing”

As much as I believe in creating a variety of ways to do one thing, mastery has a part of being repetitive. A Tennis player will hit the ball the same exact way for millions of times to perfect a certain swing. The Entrepreneur will religiously work the same morning routine so as to develop discipline for peak performance-true entrepreneurship is developed through commitment and practice. I hope you are sold on the value of repetition.

Doing a design sprint once, doing the survey onetime will never create sustainable change. Do you feel bored because you are doing the same thing? Have you lost your drive? You need to embrace the following attitudes to as to find drive for repetitive work;

It’s what you learn when you think you know it all that matters.

If you by doing a fundamental once you have seen it all, you will never innovate.

Intelligence is the ability to draw finer distinctions on a certain subject.

Remember that every master has to practice certain fundamentals over and over on their way to mastery. Having a right attitude as to why you are doing the same thing over and over again helps you to avoid boredom because you will be looking for new distinctions.

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