How to Creatively offer value without stress!

News flash: we get paid for bringing value to the marketplace and not for how much time we spend doing so. That speaker that shows up and is paid $50,000 Dollars an hour is not being paid for that hour, he is paid for the value that he brings to the hour. What value do you bring to the time that you spend with your clients and what value do you bring to the time that you spend with your colleagues at work?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. Now my journey on creatively bringing value begun when I was about ten. One time I go to my mum and I ask her for money and she said and insisted that if I had enough sense to ask for money, then I had enough sense to provide the value. Then later on my brother and I had a lawn mowing business and I remember going to this gentleman who was a white guy living in the neighborhood. He did not like anyone mowing his lawn but what he liked or valued was someone actually working on his flower bed. So, I learned that value is what the receiver perceives as the benefit.

Learn how to give value to the people that you work with and also give value to the customers that buy your products or services. For you to creatively bring value to your customers, you will need;

1. To think about the value.
2. To see the value.
3. To feel the value.
4. To act on the value.

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