How to Burn $2m without Guilt

How to Burn $2m without Guilt

Whatever we give attention and find a use for, gets value. A story is told of Pablo Escobar the drug lord: one time while running away from FBI in the jungles of Columbia, he hit a snag. It was cold, with no jacket and blanket to cover his young daughter, Pablo burnt two million dollars to keep her daughter warm.
If you were in Pablo’s shoes would you do the same?

Pablo’s perception of his daughter’s survival transcended the valuable than two million dollars in a Columbian forest on a cold night. And for such, he did whatever was possible to save his daughter. Before you declare Pablo insane, think about this: money is a piece of paper with ink on it and ‘security features’. The furniture in your house-yes that one which you bought expensively, it comes from free trees in the forest. The car is made of free minerals from the ground…..I can go on and on.

Perception is the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. People with a low-esteem have a low perception of themselves and vice versa. You can measure your self-worth according to how you perceive yourself. The journey of life whether in your career, at the university, or in your relationships, will entirely depend on the perception of yourself.

So back to the question what would you do with two million dollars on a cold night in the forest? I hope just like Pablo you will choose the weightier things of life in such circumstances. Money is something but not everything and sometimes you have to ‘burn’ it to save a life.

Life is all about what you have in you that will be of value to the other person.

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  1. I can imagine being in such a state. it’s indeed a matter of whats valuable to you at that time.

    Thanks for sharing this insightful story and nuggets.

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