How Selective Memory works

Have you heard of ‘selective memory surface ?’

Well, this is how it works:

Let’s imagine you look in a mirror and every time it shows you only the mouth and nose. Your friends try using the mirror and it shows them only those mouths and noses.

What would you think when you switch on the television and all it shows you are the left eye of the person on tv?

What would you do if every time you take a picture using your phone it only shows you the right-hand side of the picture?

Where focus goes energy goes and where energy goes you get results.

This is how your brain works. It is a selective memory surface. It concentrates on what it wants and deletes the rest.

If you concentrate on why you’re thriving you will thrive. If you concentrate on the lockdown slowing you down you will slow down.

Another example is the current pandemic. Media and politicians have concentrated on it

For starters, Public health is always political. It’s political because you have a new problem occurring, and you have to get all of the populations engaged in dealing with it. If the government doesn’t direct the focus public Heath will fail- selective memory.

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