How Rich EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCES Impact Innovation & Profitability.

Employee experience is the overall emotional, functional and social attributes that contribute the well-being of person who serves an Organisation. It includes things like; compensation, alignment, trust building activities, growth, fun activities, performance appraisals etc.

From my experience working on assignments with my clients that wanted to nurture a rich employee experience, I know that neglect of cultivating a rich employee experience will hurt your Company in the following ways:

  • Organisations that “never mind” about employee experience struggle to attract talent: Employees talk to employees. And for such they are the biggest ambassadors of the Organisation. If it treats them well, they will encourage great people to join.
  • Poor employee experience affects morale of existing staff: Even technically gifted staff struggle to give all their effort to leaders that don’t care.
  • When you combine the low morale and poor talent you inevitably affect profitability and Innovation.

Vineet Nayar is a name that you might not be familiar with. When this passionate disruptive thinker took the helm of HCLT (Hindustan Computers Limited Technologies) in 2005, the company’s legacy of success was threatened by global shifts in the IT services market that left HCLT struggling to keep up with its bigger rivals in India like Wipro & Infosys. Five years later, the company had become one of the fastest-growing IT services partners on the planet, world-renowned for its radical management practices. In fact, its bold management experiments enabled it to enjoy continued rapid growth through the economic recession.

Vineet Nayar’s Philosophy of “Employees first, Customers second” turned around HCLT

His focus was on turning the Company from the inside out. “I wanted to change employees experienced HCL” Just like Vineet you can transform your Organisation and create tangible impact by doing the following:

  1. Cultivating Trust.

In our seminars I facilitate a session on cultivating Vulnerability based trust. Herein I ask staff to open up on who they are, how their childhood was etc. The reason I do it is to facilitate an environment where they can build on being transparent. “If you are transparent about who you really are, it becomes easy to be transparent about your work struggles”, I tell the audiences. The biggest driver of trust is transparency. Case in point: At one of our assignments in Employee Experience in 2018, we asked the staff to give their leaders feedback. Some of it was tough but the attitude of the leaders made it possible for trust grow. Which initiatives can you incorporate to cultivate Vulnerability-based trust?

  • Asking for help.

News flash: Hey leader, the reason you have a team is because you need help. I love what the late Steve Jobs once said, “We don’t hire smart people to tell them what to do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” What platforms do you have that help you get help? At HCLT, Vineet had intranet platform called “U&I” and he added a portal called “My problems”- he used this to ask staff for ideas. It worked wonders.

3. Measuring what matters.

I have never met an employee who is proud about “doing nothing” and getting paid. In most cases the Entrepreneur becomes overwhelmed, hires staff and expects them to contribute towards the “objective” . I know for a fact that most of these Entrepreneurs are not clear about what the contributions of each employee should be, they don’t measure it and for such they are frustrated. The cure to this frustration is to measure what matters to the organization. Firstly before you employee anyone, what is your objective? What are they going to do to contribute towards that objective? Is it measurable? For all that employee experience is worth, we need to meet the numbers and staff love to contribute to clarity. Make what matters clear and then measure it.

Whether you are building a multi-billion Enterprise like Vineet or just starting in business you need to mind your employee experience.

If this blog post tickles you to take action. Write to me on sudesh@ and I will be glad to help you in regard to starting to cultivate rich employee experiences.