How My Sister Turned Around Her Business By Learning & Applying Conceptual Thinking
Dada at her shop

How My Sister Turned Around Her Business By Learning & Applying Conceptual Thinking

“What do I do now?”
“What do I do in this situation?”, asked Dada( one of my sisters )

It had been at least three months since she had opened her second-hand clothing business. The sales were incredibly low. Her model relied on opening the shop, making a few displays and waiting for customers to walk in. Her thinking was, “ People will recognise the value, so give them good prices and over time the clientele will grow”

When Dada sought for a solution, she wanted a quick-fix. Just like Dada, most people avoid the hard work of learning how to think especially when faced with a problem like low sales. We do what we did yesterday and expect different results. Insanity!

Let me make something clear; my sister wasn’t looking for conceptual thinking. However, after convincing her that I would teach her a concept called, “reframing the problem” we got to work.

I showed her how to transform the problem; We hired a salesperson and moved with him on different market days around Wakiso. This initiative alone made four times the weekly shop sales in a day. After that, she kept on “reframing the problem” and finding unique solutions to the problems in her business.

What caused transformation in Dada’s business was changing her thinking. If you have low sales, wages or frustrated, simply working harder without changing your thinking isn’t a solution. Actually, in this case, Thinking is more important than action. Learn how to think and your actions will help you change course and get on your desired path.

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