How Imagination makes Reality different

How Imagination makes Reality different

News flash; Imagination is not what you think but how you think. I can see you reading this blog post and you can imagine me writing it but is that reality? What if it’s not me writing the blog? What if I used transcribing software to write the blogpost? Beyond challenging your mind my point is; because I have written every single blog post for the last fifteen months when I don’t directly write the blog post you might still believe that I am the one who wrote it.

Our minds pick up a little bit of what we know and fill up the rest. Human beings take a little bit of behaviour and build it into a trait e.g. Sudesh writes a blog post every week……

You and I live in a world where bad behaviour is punished, good behaviour rewarded. And to most people, society is unfair. How do we come up with all these interpretations? We take something that’s ambiguous and open to interpretation, use it to draw a conclusion that informs our beliefs. Not all bad behaviour is punished. Not all good behaviour is rewarded and the world is fair depending on which lenses you use.

Lastly, we also don’t know how to deal with nothingness. Case in point; most civilisations didn’t come up with a zero. They knew what nothing was but had nothing to represent it. A gentleman called Fibonacci brought a zero in the 12th Century and we have never questioned it ever since then. Is zero nothing when we discover it or it’s an act of imagination? Whenever something is invented or created, it’s always what’s thus in terms of that? Tesla invented AC by watching the spinning of a water spring. Picasso invented modern arty by looking at primitive art, Steve jobs thought of a personal computer as an appliance.

Back to the zero if 0 stands for nothing why do huge amounts of money have more zeros? We have taught our minds to succumb to the imagination that those nothingness zeros mean something when attached to somethingness1-9

Our imagination makes reality different.

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