How Create Opportunities For Yourself

How Create Opportunities For Yourself

As it turns out, Problems demand attention. Crisis has to be survived and Opportunities have to be sought.

A crisis is like the absence of oxygen you feel it. A Problem is like a headache, you know it’s there. The lack of opportunities however might not be felt if you are doing well.

I am naturally risk-averse and for such the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in me. One of the things risk-averse people do so well is finding opportunities.

I remember in 2011 when we were launching Sudesh Int’l Consult I went to Delta Airlines to seek for sponsorship of an event we were hosting here because I had read that they sponsor such events in the USA. Did they sponsor our event? Yes, they did.

What’s my point? Opportunities don’t wait for you, go find them. In order for you to make most out of the opportunities, you have to embrace creative thinking. This helps you design the value therein

All the best in 2020 as you find and design great opportunities.

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