How Coca-Cola uses Storytelling to stay relevant to its Customers

In November 2012, the Coca-cola company undertook a radical change in the outlook of their website. Research data had revealed that whereas the company had been having many visitors, the average time spent per visit was nothing longer than 8 quick seconds.

Probing further into why this was so, feedback from a couple of site visitors indicated that the website was littered with serious company information, product descriptions and of course the most visited section- jobs. The site was too corporate to like.

Jay Moye, Coca-cola’s Chief editor of the Brand’s digital footprint spearheaded a drive to totally change this. The company launched a storytelling hub which they dubbed The Coca-Cola journey. This new face of Coca-cola features all sorts of stories including music, diversity, innovation, food, sports… the things people follow in everyday life.

Today, the site averages 1.4million visitors every month. The company’s Facebook page has over 107,000,000 followers, the highest of any corporate account.

I believe that the success of any brand’s communications is premised on its ability to engage audiences with creative, awesome and compelling stories.

Storytelling is such a powerful tool at igniting a new spark to your brand’s outlook. Try it out.

Credit: Nicholas Hirya.