How Accountableness fuels Creativity

As it turns out, it is in moments of accountability/vulnerability that creativity is born. Recently as I drove from Entebbe from facilitating a team-building in Kalangala I started thinking through the coaching journey especially in regard to team building. Firstly my team and I used to copy games from elsewhere. Then we went into tweaking them to fit the situation. As of 2019, we started inventing our own games using lateral thinking mostly. How did we get here? We became vulnerable; what we had wasn’t working and yet we are the “innovation kings”

I am convinced that vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. Take a minute with me and think about what stops us from being vulnerable. Is it shame, is it fear of what others will think when you speak up an idea? Everyone desires to feel safe and if this is not cultivated, we may never see much creativity or innovation in the organization.

“[Feeling accountable] makes you face the experience fully and almost embrace it. Those moments can bring a lot of creativity and make ideas flourish”, said Marina Willer. Accountability is essential for connection and creativity. If we embrace it, the benefits will extend way beyond our careers.

We may never tap into the deep emotions of our customers until we embrace accountability in order to unlock the deep perspectives and preferences of our customers


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