How a Mother Unlocked The Creative Ability of Her Son

How a Mother Unlocked The Creative Ability of Her Son

You are creative to the degree you think you are.

One day mum came home with Swiss watches and chocolate for all my siblings and I. As you can imagine we were excited. Who wouldn’t be?

She gave my siblings their watches and chocolate but not me. Why? I hadn’t done my share of chores that day. Mummy turned to me and said, “My son I know you are very creative, you always find a way of getting things done now go make your siblings and me lemon juice”.

It was as if she had fired a gun. I climbed the lemon tree in the backyard, got the lemons and squeezed them. I did something more; I cut the lemon peelings and created decorations with them, served them as snacks on the side.

Two things happened that day. I got a Swiss watch and chocolate, and, most importantly from then I haven’t stopped having the identity of being creative. I don’t say all this to boast about my super creative abilities but to show you that there’s power in identity.

You can discover your creative identity by joining my Mum and me on March 21, 2020.

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