How a Beautiful Twenty Six Year Old Lady Chose Who to Marry

How a Beautiful Twenty Six Year Old Lady Chose Who to Marry

How do we make choices in life? Do we make the right choices anyway?

Case in point: a young lady aged twenty-six has a luxury of far too many suitors. How does she decide between them? Which one is she going to marry?

She could lay down the strong points of each suitor. One is handsome. One is rich. One is charming. One is hardworking and respectful. One fears God. From observation, this method does not work well.

This beautiful lady could also use faults to eliminate suitors. This one has bad breath. This one is selfish. This one is a bully. This one is ugly. This method seems to be the most used. Why?

Faced with alternatives most people eliminate based on danger instead of basing on values. From a young age, most people are trained to criticise and not to look out for values. You are criticised by your parents over what you do wrong. Your teachers criticise you based on what you fail in class- the chain continues in life if it is not checked.

The next time you have to choose whether a spouse or an innovative idea to spend money on, focus on values. This will require you studying values because they are not obvious. They don’t stare at us in the face. You have to detect them.

So how do we detect values? Firstly you stop judging behaviour…….If you have further questions leave your comment down below and let’s have a further discussion.

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